2019 Fairfax County Technical Meeting Recap

The technical meeting at Fairfax County took place on April 22nd at the Fairfax County Government Center. A full crowd was on hand to listen to three speakers from the Fairfax County Department of Transportation lead technical discussions about subjects concerning the the future of the County.

The first presentation, led by Vanessa Aguayo, was about the Fairfax County proposal to construct a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system along the Richmond Highway corridor. Among the topics discussed were the community stakeholder involvement in the project and how BRT might affect future redevelopment of the corridor.

The second presentation, led by Vanessa Holt, was about cut-through mitigation techniques in Fairfax County. Discussed during the presentation were the County’s research into how transportation authorities from across the country mitigate cut-through traffic and the role community stakeholders play in the process of implementing cut-through mitigation techniques.

The third presentation, led by Gregory Fuller, was about the redevelopment plan of Tyson’s Corner into a more connective, multi-modal urban center. The challenges and proposed solutions to redevelopment were discussed during this presentation.

2019 BWI Trail Bike Tour

Please join your fellow WDCSITE colleagues for an easy, fun, and informative tour of the BWI Trail. In advance of 2019 Bike to Work Day (May 17), we’d love to have you join us to explore the trail and the facilities it connects, including several MDOT offices and other transportation facilities

We will be meeting at the Thomas A. Dixon, Jr., Aircraft Observation Area at 10:30 AM. Expect the tour to take just over 90 minutes, which includes stops along the way.


Bike rentals will be provided by Light Street Cycles, but you may bring your own bike if you prefer.  Registration fees for this event are slightly higher if you need to rent a bike.  If you need to rent a bike, please let me know your height so Light Street Cycles can provide a sufficient number of bicycles for all riders.  If you are renting a bike, you will need to sign a waiver, which will be provided by Light Street Cycles.

A helmet for each rider will be required.  Please bring one if you can, and let me know if you do not have one so Light Street Cycles can provide a sufficient supply.  If you have extras available, please let me know, and I will coordinate with you to see if we need them.

The bicycles being provided by Light Street Cycles have water bottle holders.  Please remember to bring water with you.

The tour will simply involve riding along the trail.  The entirety of the trail is physically separated from roadways.  It does cross some intersections, but all are signal-controlled.  Depending on how quickly the tour moves, we will either complete the loop or stop at a point and turn back.

It is anticipated that PDH credit(s) will be available. Payment will be taken electronically only (through Paypal portal).


10:30 AM – 10:45 AM – Registration and Waivers 

10:45 AM – 12:30 PM –  Bike Tour presented by several regional experts, including: 

  • Fred Lippert, PLA – Baltimore Office Director, Toole Design Group
  • Eric Brenner – Chair, MD Bike/Pedestrian Advisory Committee
  • Meg Young – Shared Mobility Coordinator, Baltimore City DOT
  • Graham Young – Complete Streets Manager, Baltimore City DOT

No lunch will be provided.  We strongly encourage you to bring a packed lunch, as the Aircraft Observation Area is a great spot to watch airplanes landing at BWI.  If you plan to eat at the Observation Area, we recommend you bring a portable chair.  Please let me know if you plan to stay and do not have a chair.


  • Presenter / Public Sector / Full-Time Student / Retired – Renting Bike: $15
  • Presenter / Public Sector / Full-Time Student / Retired – Bringing Own Bike: FREE
  • Private Sector ITE Member – Renting Bike: $25
  • Private Sector ITE Member – Bringing Own BIke: $15
  • Private Sector Non-ITE Member – Renting BIke: $35
  • Private Sector Non-ITE Member – Bringing Own Bike: $25