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ITE International Membership

As a National Member you’ll get the ITE Journal magazine subscription as well as e-newsletters, book discounts, training discounts, and discounts at District and International meetings instead of just the discounts at the local Section meetings. You’ll also be able to vote and run for offices in the Section. Click here for full details.

If you intend to join ITE International, you can use the online application at the ITE International website.

As long as the mailing address you list is in Maryland, Washington D.C. or Northern Virginia (Arlington or Fairfax County) you’ll automatically become a member of the Washington D.C. Section along with your national membership.

Section Affiliate Only

This status is open only to persons in one of the following categories:

(a) Persons in the transportation and traffic engineering profession who lack sufficient experience for Institute membership or who are in the process of applying for such membership

(b) Students registered in a recognized engineering school

(c) Professionals in related fields who by virtue of stature or official position are in a position to contribute to the work of transportation and traffic engineers and who are members of another professional society

(d) Persons engaged in commerce or industry who come into frequent contact with transportation and traffic engineers and who thus have an interest in the profession and are in a position to work with and assist transportation and traffic engineers

(e) Persons engaged in Sub-professional Transportation and Traffic Engineering work.

The Affiliate application is online in PDF format.

Please send the filled application to our Secretary-Treasurer and also send an email to give a heads up.

WDCSITE Secretary-Treasurer:

Seth Young, PE, PTOE

STV Incorporated
7125 Ambassador Road
Suite 200
Baltimore, MD 21244

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