Baltimore Park/Stream Cleanup and Technical Discussions on Parks Recap

Thanks to the ITE Members and their families whom paddled the Middle Branch of the Patapsco to collect trash. The fifteen attendees collected almost thirty bags worth of trash plus, an animal carrier and plastic trunk. Many thanks to Molly and her staff at Baltimore City Department of Recreation & Parks (BCRP) for guiding our Canoe ‘N Scoop after we discussed the issues facing the Middle Branch Park area and the many potential future paths to redevelopment. We gained perspective as some of these issues including trash pollution partly caused by refuse thrown into storm drains by people assuming it is treated, shallow waterways in need of dredging, and the poor conditions of the Hanover Street Bridge were seen first-hand. Improvements considered, and part of ongoing Middle Branch waterfront design competition, aim to provide connectivity between surrounding land uses, such as turning the Spring Gardens Swing Bridge into a pedestrian bridge. It was a beautiful, sunny day to enjoy the unique recreational places the City has, and to take just a few hours out of our busy schedules to remind us how our consumption habits and actions can have a negative environmental impact.