Awards and Scholarship

Project of the Year Award – Deadline September 30, 2020

This award is given to a project that applied innovative methods and techniques to solve a transportation problem/issue for the overall betterment of the community. The project should clearly demonstrate the use of effective and trend setting solutions that reflect in-depth knowledge in the field of transportation.


  • The competition is limited to agencies/consultants and projects located within the WDCSITE geographic area: Washington DC, Maryland, Northern Virginia – Arlington, Fairfax, Loudoun, and Prince William County
  • Project should be able to highlight substantial involvement of at least one WDCSITE member
  • Project may be of any type (study, design, or construction) or magnitude
  • Substantial portion of the project must have been completed before August 15th of the year of submission for this award’s consideration
  • The committee will accept submission of projects that are work-in-progress. However, should your project be selected for the award, the same project cannot be submitted again for consideration the next two (2) years

Projects submitted for this award will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Use of sound engineering principles with application of innovative solutions and ideas
  • Social, environmental, and significance of the project to the relevant community/area
  • Project complexity and net benefit of the project
  • Technical value to the transportation engineering profession
  • Dollar value of the project will not be considered in judging


  • The submittal shall consist of a project description of no more than two pages that outlines its benefits (including graphics/pictures)
  • Include the name of the agency/firm, project location and information necessary to judge the project based on the stated criteria
  • Up to two additional pages of drawings/graphics will be accepted as an appendix (if necessary)
  • Applicants are also encouraged to submit a technical paper about their project for presentation at the annual meeting

Please reach out to Vivek Hariharan for any questions. 

WDCSITE Scholarship Program – Deadline September 30, 2020

Washington DC Section Institute of Transportation Engineers (WDCSITE) has been serving the Transportation Engineers and Planners in DC metro region for many years. We have brought professional together in various events to exchange ideas and create synergy within the field. In addition, we have shown our commitment to the student community by making all of our events/meetings free to students to encourage interaction between the student community and transportation professionals. WDCSITE has also organized events such as resume workshop, career counselling etc., at various university campus to engage the students.

Starting this year, we are taking our commitment to students to the next level by presenting an annual student scholarship. This scholarship is aimed to recognize students for their hard work while encouraging them to fulfill their course work Transportation Engineering/Planning and pursue a career in the field of transportation. This scholarship in intended to appreciate and provide financial support to students who have demonstrated extraordinary interest in the transportation field. The scholarship will be provided to two undergraduate or graduate students in the amount of $500 each.

Please click the following links to see the application and all of the details.

Background Information

Application Form

Application Referral Form

Please reach out to Vivek Hariharan for additional information.

WDCSITE Awards Program – Deadline September 30, 2020

The Section initiated an awards program in 1983 to recognize outstanding contributions of local professionals to the community, the profession, and the Section. The qualifications for the various awards are described below and past recipients listed.

  • Morris J. Rothenberg Past President’s Award

Candidates should be:

  1. a Section member in good standing,
  2. a past or currently active member of Section committees,
  3. an officer or former officer of ITE at the Section, District, or International level, and 
  4. one who has demonstrated continuing interest in Section activities.
  • Amy Polk Young Engineer of the Year Award

Candidates should be:

  1. less than 35 years of age,
  2. a current member of the Section in good standing, and
  3. a Section officer or active committee member.
  • Appreciation Award

Nominees should:

  1. have been a Section member in good standing for at least ten years,
  2. be an active or past member of Section committees,
  3. have a history of regular attendance at Section meetings,
  4. participate in Section activities other than formal committees or elected offices, and
  5. be otherwise unrecognized for his or her contributions to the Section.
  • Transportation Service Award

This award is intended to honor those members of the Section who have made outstanding contributions to the profession. Candidates must:

  1. be a current active member in good standing,
  2. have made a significant contribution to the transportation or traffic engineering profession through active service over a ten-year period with a public agency, private company, or college/university in the Section area, or
  3. have made a significant contribution to the transportation or traffic profession through a single unusual or outstanding act to advance the traffic, transportation, or educational programs within the Section area.
  • Community Transportation Award

The purpose of this award is to recognize those who have made outstanding contributions to transportation systems in the area. Nominees:

  1. may be either a member or non-member of ITE,
  2. must have made a significant contribution to transportation in the Section area through long term work with a public agency or private company involved in traffic operations, or
  3. must have made a significant contribution to transportation in the Section area through a single unusual or outstanding act.

Award Winners

YearPast PresidentsYoung EngineerAppreciationTransportation ServiceCommunity TransportationStudent Scholarship
2019Seth YoungDavid DuarteEmil WolaninBob GarbaczKanti Srikanth/Steve KuciembaYeming Hao/Aref Darzi
2018Alek PochowskiBurak CesmeKatherine FalkAbi LernerRon MiloneN/A
2017John RectanusVivek HariharanDan GoldfarbKris JagarapuGraham YoungN/A
2016Krishna C. PatnamAlek PochowskiThomas J. HannanJames D. SchrollPaul J. WiedefeldN/A
2015Jerry BaxterSeth YoungDavid KlineRandy DittbernerBob MarbourgN/A
2014Brandon NeversKrishna PatnamOwen CurtisStephen WeberDiane SchwarzmanN/A
2013Dan GoldfarbSelman AltunLewis GrimmKevin NewtonJames R. SebastianN/A
2012Josh SmithJohn RectanusHugh McGeeThomas HicksDennis LeachN/A
2011Tim RyanDante Perez-BravoPhil ShapiroRichard HawthorneMike NiederhauserN/A
2010Abi Lerner/Roxane MukaiYbette M. OchoaDouglas E. NobleWilliam McGuirkThomas P. BiesiadnyN/A
2009Paul SilbermanGerard BaxterRoxane Y. MukaiJohn HalkiasMorteza Tadayon/ Nick NicholsonN/A
2008Emil Wolanin----Tim RyanRichard Retting
Michael DresserN/A
2007Stephanie YanovitzJawad ParachaRob PruntyTerry BellamyEdgar GonzalezN/A
2006Bala AkundiBrandon NeversAbi LernerRobert D. DouglassGeorge BranyanN/A
2005Ed PapazianJosh SmithMatt AllenJohn MasonPhil TarnoffN/A
2004Daniel K. HardyPaul SilbermanBarbara J. HoageJohn W. ErdmanErnest HucabyN/A
2003Jeffrey F. PaniatiMatthew J. AllenMatthew T. StorckEric P. TabacekWoodrow Hood IIIN/A
2002Katherine W. FalkAmy Ellen PolkMichael KinneyR. F. Kirby/M. MillerBarbara W. BeckettN/A
2001Maureen T. DeckerStephanie YanovitzPatricia Timbrook
Ronald C. WelkeBill BronrottN/A
2000Norine M. WalkerBala AkundiZiad A. SabraScott WainwrightGeorge FrangosN/A
1999James D. SchrollGregory L. GieringJoerg “Nu” RosenbohmPatrick T. DeCorla-SouzaRon ShafferN/A
1998Carlton C. RobinsonRoxane Y. MukaiSteven E. WeberMilton H. HeywoodJoseph CutroN/A
1997Everett C. CarterKatherine W. FalkJeffrey P. ArchHugh W. McGeeC. E. WalterN/A
1996Gary W. EulerDaniel K. HardyLynda DonaldsonGene S. DonaldsonGary BurchN/A
1995W. E. BaumgaertnerPaul A. PisanoJames W. HollsRobert E. SpicherMammen DanielN/A
1994Thomas J. HannonDaniel S. WalshDaniel G. MorganR. Clarke BennettJack KinstlingerN/A
1993Morris J. RothenbergShawn SabanayagamCharles C. LiuMarshall JacksRonald KirbyN/A
1992Hugh W. McGeeNorine M. WalkerEdward Y. PapazianStephen A. PetersenNeil J. PedersenN/A
1991John C. AllenJames W. HollsRichard A. CunardThomas W. BrahmsThomas HicksN/A
1990Ronald C. WelkeJeffrey E. RandallJohn A. BolingMark R. NormanRobert McGarryN/A
1989Scott WainwrightJeffrey F. PaniatiGary MinutesCarlton C. RobinsonWalt StarlingN/A
1988John ErdmanJeff LindleyKen OpielaDavid WithefordGeorge SchoenerN/A
1987Hugo "Bud" LiemGary W. Euler---Woodrow W. RankinHal KassoffN/A
1986R. Clarke BennettTimothy A. RyanGerald C. WendtMorris J. RothenbergJim ConwayN/A
1985Eugene J. CliffordDavey WarrenSeward Cross/Otto StegeerHowie Bissell/Jack KayDick KahlN/A
1984James FoleyKevin HooperManu Shah/Nate AvinEverett Carter---N/A
1983Anthony J. KanzThomas J. Hannan, Jr.James SchrollBill DavisTom DownsN/A