2019 Loudoun County Technical Meeting Recap

The WDCSITE held its first technical meeting at the Loudoun County on Wednesday, June 12th, expanding its outreach to all of Northern Virginia. The successful event was attended by over 60 attendees including public sector members from the neighboring counties, private consultants, retirees and students.

A large number of professionals and students attended the technical meeting at Loudoun County.

Three technical presentations were given. Joe Kroboth (Director of Loudoun DTCI) presented an overview of County’s Capital Improvement program’s history, funding, projects, and transit system.

Joe Kroboth (Director of Loudoun DTCI) presents on an overview of County’s Transportation and Capital Infrastructure.

James Zeller (Deputy Director of DTCI) provided a summary on Capital Improvement Program (CIP) current transportation projects and respective funding sources.

James Zeller (Deputy Director of DTCI) presents on CIP current projects and respective funding sources.

Lastly, Lou Mosurak (Loudoun DTCI’s Senior Transportation Coordinator) presented the history of Countywide Transportation Plan (CTP) and provided highlights of the 2010 CTP, as well as the vision for the Draft 2019 CTP. The presentation also summarized the County’s travel demand modeling process.

Lou Mosurak (DTCI’s Senior Transportation Coordinator) presents Loudoun 2019 Comprehensive Plan.