2019 ITE-ASHE Joint Traffic Technical Meeting Recap

WDCSITE and ASHE Chesapeake held their annual joint traffic-themed meeting. Presentations covered topics in ITS infrastructure, transit signing and real-time data applications, and regional county-level transportation planning efforts and traffic safety initiatives. There was a great mix of members from ASHE and ITE, and there were plenty of attendees who are not members of either association. Despite the serious nature of the presentations, there were great laughs, shocking revelations, and tough questions. After the technical presentations, there was a happy hour, followed by dinner with an evening talk by Carole Delion of MDOT SHA, who discussed policy and standards-development issues involving CAVs. The industry is moving forward in the realm of CAVs, but we’re certainly hitting plenty of challenges along the way. MDOT SHA and other government partners at the federal, state, and local levels strongly encourage all of us to be engaged in the technical conversations, legislative discussions, and program development initiatives surrounding autonomous vehicles.