2019 Annual Virginia and Washington DC Joint SimCap Meeting at TRB Wrap-Up

The 4th annual joint SimCap meeting took place at the TRB venue on Tuesday, January 15, 2019. The meeting was well attended by private/public sector professionals, software developers and academia. The night started off with VASITE and WDCSITE update, including a group selfie (a new tradition), followed by roundtable and panel discussions, lightning presentations, and quick technology updates. The highlights of this meeting include the following:

A packed room for the WDCSITE SimCap Meeting at TRB.
Murat Ayçin (AIMSUN) gives a traffic software update and describes a mesoscopic model.
  • The roundtable discussion on data-driven decision making emphasized the importance of public agency/private sector collaboration, having a data scientist mentality in transportation professions, and making use of open-sourced data; Ford representative offered insights about their involvement in Smart Cities using various data, including Ford’s connected vehicle data.
  • FHWA and DOT representatives talked about recent updates to guidance of roadway system and capacity analysis in their jurisdictions and challenges and opportunities
Kevin Heaslip (Virginia Tech) gives a presentation about AV Effects on Freeway Capacity.
  • A variety of subjects ranging from complexity of airport multimodal transportation system, cost-effective transportation solutions in innovative intersections, to automated vehicles’ (AVs) impact on roadway capacity were discussed in the lightning presentations and technology update.
Gustavo Ceballos (Ricondo) gives a lightning presentation about Airport Ground Transportation and Landside Simulation.
Daniel Markham (Kimley-Horn) starts his presentation about innovative intersections.